Joy Love Peace


Our Holiday card this year reflects our feelings and emotions which have been heightened  by our recent adventure in Bhutan.

We were transported back in time to experience cultures and traditions, see sights and hear sounds totally different than ours.
We did not have cell service (by choice) and only used WiFi for a limited time at the hotels to check on things.
Our days were spent hiking to monasteries, temples, dzongs (fortresses), farmers markets, villages, Buddhist Universities and more. The people, culture, spirit and beauty of the land is ever present and felt so good! Everywhere you see prayer flags and prayer wheels that we would turn to send off blessings to all.

We had to adjust to the altitude variances from low of approx 2500 feet up to 9300 feet with the ascent to Tigers Nest. (Our commitment to healthy living, especially daily running and hiking at home, definitely helped us).

We hiked slowly, climbing over rocks and uneven terrain, watching where and how we placed our boots.
Our guide whistled while we followed his lead.
Sometimes conversation, sometimes not.
We were surrounded in Peace, Harmony and Beauty.

Life appeared to be simple. Of course in the capital city of Thimpu is was more built up. However you are always close to nature, green forests, mountains, rivers and streams.

As we walked through the monasteries, we heard the monks chanting prayers and performing their rituals.

Joy Love Peace

My husband and I continue to feel the presence of Bhutan within us and surrounding us.
Even with the pace and festivities of the Holidays, we remain calm and spend more time enjoying living at the beach, the beauty of the ocean, the waves crashing, the sunsets.

We are blessed and thankful.

May this Holiday season also bring you Joy Love and Peace for now and always.

With Light and Love,



Is More Really Better?


During this Holiday season, one of the to do’s – is to shop, shop, shop for perfect gifts.
It should be a fun, happy experience.

However so many feel stressed with the number of gifts to buy for each person on their list, and how much money it will cost.
And the email, social media, and marketing messages keep coming and coming! Hurry Hurry! 2 Days only!  For a Limited time!  20% off everything!  50% off today only!  Just for You!
Just Click Click Click.  Never been easier to buy and keep buying. So we do.

However, is More really Better?

A personalized, thoughtful and meaningful gift touches the receiver in so many ways.
They feel the love and know it came from your heart.

Sometimes just a card will do.
So many beautiful, well written ones are on the market – and you can also make your own.
The choices are endless.

Give thought to your shopping list. Don’t just do it because you always have.
A carefully selected gift – and not one that needs to be expensive – can bring so much joy and create memories.

If you are a great baker, give a gift of your specialties.
If you are into crafts, make a special ornament.
If you are a writer, gift your books.
Find out what a person’s interests are.
If someone loves beauty products, you can find that perfect lipstick shade or eyeshadow palette.
If they like fragrances, gift them with a new scent.
If you love being with friends and family, host a party or get together.
Make a donation to your favorite charity or cause.

As I was decorating our home, and carefully unwrapping the ornaments, I cherished and smiled at every one of the decorations.  Incredible memories of places, people, and underlying it all – LOVE. I felt it.  It surrounded me.  So beautiful.  With holiday music in the background, the scents of pine and fir throughout the house, the twinkling of lights – all so magical.

That is the true meaning of the holidays.  Share Love, Be Kind, Show Compassion, Be at Peace, Find your Joy, Help Others in Need.

Embrace the Season with all the festivities.
And remember to Enjoy.  Reduce your stress.  More is not Better.

With Love and Light,



Unsteady movement, conflict, confusion.

On a recent flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, the pilot announced before departing that we would make record time with the tail winds, however we would also experience more turbulence!  And yes, he was so right.

The Good with the Bad
Ying and Yang
Black and White
Sour and Sweet
Cold and Hot
Left and Right

Opposites do co-exist and at times join together.

I chanted and prayed quite a bit during that 12 hour flight in which we did experience long lasting turbulence.  I realized that in our day to day life, we also experience similar turbulence.
It could appear as emotional or physical discomfort.
It could be something visually scary or unpleasant.
It could be barking dogs, noise from trees being cut down, thunder, wind, cars honking, sirens blaring.

So many outside influences that can disturb us.

However I have found that all these things are part of living.
It is how I choose to handle them, react to them, that make the difference in my state of being.

So as I chanted and prayed through the flight turbulence, I promised myself that I would use similar techniques when dealing with the turbulence in life.

Take a moment to breathe. Acknowledge what is happening. Make the decision of how to handle it that will keep you the most calm.

As we are in the Holiday Season with all its festivities, joy, love, harmony and celebration, Remember that we could also feel confused, lonely, overwhelmed, stressed, and pressured.

Take a moment to step back.  Reassess the situation.  Write down your plan of action.  Ask for help.  Delegate.  Say “NO”.

You can handle it.

It may be a bit rocky at times, but you will get to the other side.
The turbulence is only temporary.

With Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy,

Holiday Happiness


‘Tis the Season!     For what you ask?
It is usually said…
To be Jolly
To be Happy
To be Merry and Bright
To buy, buy, buy presents
To decorate, decorate, decorate
To eat and drink and then eat and drink some more
Sometimes though it is…
To be stressed
To be overwhelmed
To be tired
To be depressed
To be lonely
What if we focus on…
To be Thankful
To be at Peace
To take the time to Recharge
To go out in Nature
To show Gratitude
To be Appreciative of the Magic of the Season
So in this Holiday Season, remember to find your balance.
Go out and enjoy all the festivities, acknowledge when you do not feel up to it, and refresh by tuning into yourself, finding comfort and happiness in the quiet.
Happy Holidays,
With Light and Love,



Giving Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
At this time of year, we celebrate. We give thanks for all our blessings and in remembrance of and gratitude for the Pilgrims first harvest in the New World in 1621.
We all celebrate in different ways, however family, friends, food, and gratitude seem to be consistent with everyone.
However, this year seems more challenging, especially with recent events.
The impact of the fires here in California and the recent shootings, have devastated communities and families. What is beautiful is hearing how everyone is coming together to help in whatever way they can. People are putting their differences aside to assist and be neighborly, showing compassion, empathy and support.
Why does it take tragedy to bring out the best in people?
We are all one.
What happens affects everyone.
The destruction of complete communities will take years to repair.  Can one really go back? Some find it healing to rebuild, others will move on.
We all deal with Life in our own way.  There is no Right way- it is Your way.
Do what is best for you.
Follow your truth. Listen to your heart.
Do what you can to help others. A Smile and Hello go a long way.
And at this time of year, give Thanks.  Do not take anything for granted.  In an instant, it could all change. Give thanks for being alive, for your health, abundance and inner peace.
I continue giving Thanks everyday for my life and for being a cancer survivor and thriver.
I start my morning, before getting out of bed, with my affirmations, being thankful and appreciative.
I am grateful to awaken to a brand new day and I intend on making the most of it.
And at night, I give thanks and appreciation for the day, for my continued good health and well being.
So, however you celebrate this Thanksgiving, remember to send healing blessings to all and give thanks for this gift of Life.
With Light and Love,

My Closet Discoveries


Every few months I take the time to go through my wardrobe and edit items out.  I have to admit it is not easy for me. I have had great success and fun in mixing and matching clothes from years ago with new finds that work beautifully! However since semi retiring, I have found that some items I just do not need anymore. I also found that either I shrunk or the clothes got bigger! Maybe a combination of the two.  So off to the tailor to take some things in if possible.  As for the rest ………. time to clear out and donate!

How many black jackets and pants do I need? True, black was a staple and sometimes a required color in a business setting.  So I needed options.  Now, with a simpler life style and more casual dress, I can let some of them go.

White T shirts – some not so white anymore! Bye Bye.

Tie dye and bright colored tunics for over leggings – adorable and great – however have not worn in years!  I tried them on and even though the outfit was cute, it wasn’t me anymore. I realized that my preferences at 65 are different than when I was in my 40’s.  I contemplated repurposing some into bathing suit cover ups – I was trying my best to hold onto them. What a conversation! End result – Toss!

Since I like to protect my clothes, some are hanging in garment bags – of which are not see through. So I forgot what was in them!  I found some real treasures that I will now wear.  It was like going shopping!

I have to admit though that I even found 2 items with the store tags still on them!!!! How many years have I had them hanging in my closet(s)? About 3 moves ago!!!! WOW!

What else have I been holding onto that no longer serves me? True, most of the clothes are in good condition.  Since I prefer quality and unique designs – not fast fashion, clothes are able to go from season to season, year to year. However if I am not using them, someone else could.

In addition to letting go of clothes, I thought about what else I was holding onto that no longer was necessary.

Lots to think about.  Cleaning out my closet helped me to clean out old thinking, reaffirm my desires, objectives and dreams.

I realized that taking this time to clean, refresh and adjust was important on so many levels.

If you have not done so recently – I encourage you to clean out your closet.  Or your drawer. You will have fun, learn a lot, and feel so good afterwards.

With Love and Light,







As we set our clocks back 1 hour on Sunday or before bed on Saturday evening, I forgot about how the adjustment would impact me.  True, I was looking forward to earlier sunrises and morning light.  However, not so excited about the earlier sunsets and onset of darkness in the evening.

I definitely noticed the shift in my energy and vibrations and the vibrations around me in just a few days.  I woke up earlier, excited to observe the morning light.  I wanted to get out earlier and feel the days warmth radiate through my body and soul.

We are all connected!  We pick up on the energy and vibes of people, places, things and activities. Notice next time how you feel when you are around negative, grumpy, rude people.  Then notice how you feel when around positive, peaceful, inspiring people.  Big difference, right?

Then notice how you feel when you are stuck in traffic, hurrying to catch a plane, late for an appointment, caught up in a frenzy.

Far different from when you are running along the beach, taking a walk in the forest, cooking, meditating, listening to soothing music.

You are feeling and responding to the vibrations around you.  Choose wisely.  Gravitate towards people and places that energize and uplift you.  That is why my husband and I live at the beach! It is our energy field that best resonates with who we are and how we want to live our life.  Even if you are unable to make it a reality for you now, dream and visualize it and believe that it will come to fruition.

And when you are in a circumstance where the vibration is not comfortable, remove yourself from it, or at least protect yourself by surrounding your aura in light and love.  I call it my invisible shield.  It protects me so I am not negatively impacted by what is happening around me.  My shield though, is flexible enough to allow me to remain sensitive and compassionate in my dealings. My shield has helped me through many situations through out my life, and I have recommendated it to many colleagues.

Reflect on your vibration and energy field.  Identify what works best for you.  Develop your strategy to make it your reality.

With Light and Love and Healthy Vibrations,